Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Coconut Oil!

 So today I thought I would talk about Coconut Oil, how I use it and the benefits I have got from using it. Everyone who knows me know that I live and breath Coconut Oil. I love it, I can use it for anything everyday, It smells A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and its not expensive which is a bonus.
I love using Coconut oil on my Hair as a deep conditioner hair mask, on my face as a moisturiser and as a body oil.

For my Hair all I do is apply a moderate amount to my towel dried hair and leave it on my hair for up to a couple of hours and then rinse it out well.  I sometimes also use it as part of my routine when my hair feels dry to help restore the moisture, leaving my hair looking healthy, soft and silky. (The amount you use depends on the amount of hair you have but don't use too much!)

For my Face I mix the Coconut Oil with some sugar until I get the consistency that I like to make a  face scrub. This helps especially when  my skin is in dire need of moisture. I also mix honey to the mixture, heat it until warm and use it as a moisturising face mask.

I also use Coconut Oil oil on its own on my face as a night serum and on my lips. By the next morning, my face and my lips are soft and moisturised.
 I  use the Coconut-sugar scrub which I use for my face as a body scrub when my skin feels dehydrated. I find that this is very effective when I use it frequently as it ensures that my skin stays moisturised and very soft.  I then follow this with a body butter which I make by mixing Coconut oil, Olive Oil and Shea Butter. This is amazing especially if you have dry skin.

I know that you can use Coconut Oil for oil pulling.This is where you swishing a tablespoon of oil in your mouth on an empty stomach for around 20 minutes. This  supposedly draws out toxins in your body, primarily to improve oral health but also to improve your overall health.

 I have never done this before but I am going to start and let you guys know how how that goes. If any of you have done this or are doing this, I would love to hear about your experiences and any benefits you have got from doing it.

There are so many other beneficial uses for Coconut Oil, but these are some of  the ones that I use. I definitely recommend that you guys try them out and look up other uses or think of some on your own!

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