Thursday, 4 June 2015

Graze Box Review (GIVEAWAY)

I recently signed up for the graze box which is a box with four little small containers of snacks delivered right to your home or place of work. 

I got my first box for free as part of the promotion they have for new registered customers and a kids box for my sister (after two weeks of nagging).

The boxes comes with 4 random snack depending on what you like and dislike on their website.

First box

I loved what was in my box; I LOVE flapjacks so the fact I got two different flavours was amazing! I also loved the popcorns, they were surprisingly very filling considering how small they are compared to normal sized microwave popcorns. Unfortunately, I didn't taste the Koria Chutney with Baked Curry Bites because I gave it to my mum but she did say it was nice.

Inside the box there is a little booklet, two gift cards to give to friends for them to get a free graze box and a card with more vouchers, the nutritional information page, each use by date and stats.

Kids box

Like me my sister loves flapjack so she was happy that they were in her box.  In her other small boxes she got Garlic bread, Cheese Cashews & Garlic Croutons. She didn't like this box as much; she didn't like the Cashews so she left those in the little containers but she ate everything else.

 She loved this little surprise too!

Overall, I loved the packaging for the kids boxes, Its so cute! I also love the detail and thought that they have put into the design of the boxes.

The card inside the box has games for the kids to play, the vouchers  to share with friends and the nutritional information page stating the four snack portions included in the box, each use by date and stats.

If you would like a FREE box make sure you use this CODE when placing an order!

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