Sunday, 3 May 2015

Fun at the Beach

Hi Guys, today I thought I would do an update and let you guys know what I have been up to seeing as I haven't literally been on the internet in ages.

So basicly, Where I live we closed school for the easter holiday on the 2nd of April which is similar to most people across the country but you do always get a few odd ones.

So, the Friday of that week my family went on a mini "Family weekend getaway" - thats what I am going to call it anyway. 

The drive was five hours long due to the regular pit stops we had to make  and the motorway tolls due to the repair on the road. I did however prefer travelling in the night than during the day. And I did get some food along the way; I hate travelling on an empty stomach, I always end up being car sick :(

We went to a place called Parkdean in Trecco Bay, South Wales and we stayed there until Monday.
Personally, I am not into the whole caravan site thing but I have been to Haven like once or twice before with my family.

The accommodation was the typical caravan size and standard which was good. However, I have to warn you,  when you go to places like this you have to make sure you wash your shower and toilet etc before using them cause you never know who's been there and they might look clean but you never know how well they have been cleaned.

One thing, I liked about this site was that there was a lot of security everywhere. It made me feel bit safe I think knowing there is always security nearby if something was to happen.

Another thing was that we were only 5 minutes away from the beach, with another one only about 15 minutes away.

So I got to go to the beach for the first time ever in my life, can you believe that!? Neither can I tbh, I don't know how I have lived with myself. It was so much fun though; I made sand castles with my little sister and picked up sea shell and stone and played in the water.
It was just so relaxing, fun and rejuvenating!

I also loved the cute little gift shop and loved looking at all the decorations and little artifacts. The candles smelt really nice and I thought they were a good quality for the time of shop it was

 The entertainment was OK. Personally, I don't think it was up to standards but that didn't stop me from going every night, so I guess they were doing something right.

The arcade was fun; I love getting rid of all the coins thats I have building up in the house and getting  the little small toys for my little sister.

Obviously, it wouldn't be a seaside holiday destination without a fair. Unfortunately, I went to the fair in the night because initially we didn't know there was one close by. As a result, we only went on a few rides.

 Overall, I enjoyed myself; just having a change of atmosphere and surroundings is good once in a while!

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