Monday, 20 April 2015

InstaNatural 100% Moroccan Rose Water

I recently received a product to review by InstaNatural which I thought I would share it with you.
If you have read my previous blog post on Coconut Oil, you will know I have been recently getting into natural products for my skin and hair etc.
Prior to this I must say I had never heard of InstaNatural which is a shame because they are a really good company from the experience I have had with them so far.
The product I received from InstaNatural is the 100% Pure Moroccan Rose Water which is a cleanser, toner, hydrator and replenisher.
In the morning and evenings after having a bath I have been wiping the 100% Pure Moroccan Rose water on my face using a cotton pad and I have found that my skin immediately feels smooth and soft after its soaked into my skin.
I usually don’t go for floral scents because I find them very overwhelming but the light rose scent of the product didn’t bother me and I surprisingly found it very light and fresh.
I have been moving houses for the past week or so and I realised that as I was working after applying the 100% Pure Moroccan Rose on my face; when I was sweating I could smell the light rose scent throughout the day.
So I am sure you are someone who is maybe worried about their body odour, you could use this product to help you with that.
InstaNatural 100% Pure Moroccan Rose Water has the same consistency as water which is something that I love about the product. The 100% Pure Moroccan Rose Water is very light and hydrating instead of being sticky and heavy likes other face product that is available.
The product can also be used for hair, to help it be soft and shiny. I couldn’t exactly do this because I currently have extension in so I have no way of using it on my actual hair. BUT I tried it anyway because the extensions I have in is 100% Human Unprocessed Vrgin Remy Brazilian hair and it worked just fine. The hair felt like I had deep conditioned it for ages and it looked shiny and rejuvenated.
I have been planning to have a bath just so I could use the 100% Pure Moroccan Rose water because I am generally a shower person. Baths just take too long and they make me feel tired but I will probably use it soon to help me relax during my exams or something but I am not sure tbh.
Although, I have loved using the InstaNatural 100% Pure Moroccan Rose Water because it wasn’t harsh on my skin at all among other already mentioned benefits, I am a bit upset because I got my FIRST-EVER spot after using it for the first time L  
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You can get the InstaNatural 100% Pure Moroccan Rose Water here
*NOTE: Although I received this product, I am only recommending it because I have personally used it and I believe some of you will be interested in try it out for yourselves.

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